Heyward’s Resurgence Reflects Success Against Power Arms He’s Had the Whole Time

Much has been written about Jason Heyward‘s recent offensive “rebirth.” Some say he has finally “figured things out.” Others feel all of his hard work has finally let him reclaim critical lost bat speed.

As both Evan Altman and Brendan Miller have expertly written, Heyward’s contact and hard-hit ball rates have both increased this year (click on their names for related pieces.) These improvements have certainly helped and reflect strong workout and plate-approach changes.

This said, several less apparent factors have equally influenced his statistical rebound over the past three weeks. These include advantageous pitching matchups, helpful lineup changes and, yes, a tidal hot streak that is lifting all statistical boats.

Heyward’s power splits

Before diving into these, let’s first explore the most unique and least commented upon aspect of Heyward’s offensive game. He’s the rare player who has more success against power pitchers than against any other style. And this part of his game has been largely hidden, not just this year or last year, but his entire career.

Usually only superstar hitters like Kris Bryant will hit power arms just as effectively, but they don’t typically fare better. On average, National …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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