Here’s one good idea on improving pace of play

MLB is going to do something in 2019. Why not this?

Pace of play in MLB games has been an ongoing topic of discussion between players and owners (and among media and fans) for several years now.

Let’s stipulate one thing right now, before I get into the meat of this article. We are not talking about the length of games (even though average game times have in fact been increasing). We are talking about the pace of the game and things that have nothing to do with actual play making games longer. Yes, the end result would (hopefully) be shorter games. But the point is to eliminate things that aren’t part of game action, or speed those things along, in order to have faster-paced games.

In this long article in The Athletic (subscription required), Jayson Stark goes through a large list of things that MLB owners are considering changing about the game to help improve the pace of play. One of them is a pitch clock, which very likely is coming to a MLB ballpark near you in 2019:

“I think everyone [in management] is pretty much on board with it,” says one baseball executive who has been involved in …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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