Here’s how the Cubs can keep Terrance Gore even though he’s out of options

There’s an example from recent Cubs history on how to do this.

Last Friday on Cubs Twitter, the “Laurel or Yanny?” question became “Terrance Gore or Tommy La Stella?” Michael Cerami wrote an article at Bleacher Nation on this topic, with Brett Taylor chiming in as well. With a minor quibble, I agreed with everything in the article. So, why am I, of all people, playing “Me too?” I would have rolled the article entirely differently.

If you’ve just dipped into the Cubs universe today, and you didn’t read the article (you should), you might not know that Tommy La Stella is a near-elite pinch hitter. He’s mildly versatile defensively, but not especially good at third, second, first or the outfield corners. On the other hand, Gore has “video game cheat code” speed, is a usable outfielder (my minor quibble with the article is that Gore is perfectly fine defensively), but is very challenged at the plate.

The question last week was which one belongs on an October roster more. It’s a valid thought-process. For my money, there’s a much more timely/important question, which creates a situation where the question of the day becomes more salient.

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Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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