Four-Play: Reborn Jason Heyward Paces Cubs’ Offensive Juggernaut

Seems like only a week ago the murmur of voices questioning Chili Davis‘s aptitude for his role with the Cubs was rising to a legitimate rabble. And who knows, maybe the questions are still there. It’s just really hard to hear them these days over the staccato beat of hits coming from everyone in the lineup.

Leading the charge has been none other than Jason Heyward, the hitting instructor’s star pupil. An incorrigible swing-tinkerer by nature, Heyward’s mechanics have been in a constant state of flux since he debuted with a bang against the Cubs and Carlos Zambrano. But it’s almost as though he’s succeeded in spite of himself, wringing the bat like a wet rag and diving into pitches like Michael Phelps going for the gold.

The wonky moves have long limited Heyward’s power, something the Cubs thought they’d be able to free up when they brought him aboard prior to 2016 as that season’s most coveted free agent. Instead, everything they did to “fix” him served only to twist him up further. That goes for more than just the physical side of the game, as Heyward’s funky swing …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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