Epstein’s Comments Indicate Potential for More Front Office Influence on Field

Accepting the blame for disappointing results means being willing to take an active role in correcting the flaws that led to them. So when Theo Epstein laid out some very specific issues during the course of his extensive postseason address Wednesday afternoon, he opened the door to the possibility that he and the rest of the front office will play a more influential role in on-field decisions.

Not that he’s been passive in the past; the Cubs pride themselves on being a collaborative structure they refer to as a flat hierarchy. But when the team’s level of urgency and offensive output are equally flat, it’s evident that something needs to change from the top down. The former area is one in which the front office can likely have the most direct impact.

“[W]e could have done more from Day 1 through 162 as far as a complete sense of urgency every day,” Epstein lamented. “Being completely on mission every day. Showing up with that assertiveness and that edge every day to win.

“Sometimes divisions aren’t lost on that last day of the season when you only score one run or you don’t get it in. Or they’re …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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