Epstein and Hoyer Travel to Dallas, Presumably to Meet with Darvish

If their reported interest in Yu Darvish is really just a red herring, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are doing one hell of a sell job. Although they may have just tipped their pitch. According to The Score’s Bruce Levine, the Cubs execs hopped a flight to Dallas with the presumed intention of meeting with the former Rangers pitcher.

Cubs Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer landed in Dallas this afternoon. Free agent Yu Darvish meeting is likely destination for the two execs.

— Bruce Levine (@MLBBruceLevine) December 18, 2017

Maybe this has nothing to do with Darvish and the real goal is to get in a crazy long tailgating session prior to the Cowboys/Seahawks game on Christmas Eve. But let’s assume Levine is on point with his assumption, which is a safe bet, and that Epstoyer is/are really serious about wooing the top pitcher on the free agent market. This would indicate that not only are the Cubs in more of a win-now mode than we’d perhaps thought, but also that the top end of the market may have come down a little.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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