Cubs/Wrigley Field historical sleuthing: The one that’s a mystery

I can’t quite place this one. Can you?

This is a fascinating video and I’ve been able to suss out some information on it, but not the exact date. Or dates, and you’ll see why after you watch it:

All right, first, it says “Chicago Cubs Game 1940’s” right on the title. I probably would have been able to figure that out from the uniforms. The title card says “1942.” The YouTube page says 1942 was the date found on the film stock, but of course 1942 film stock could easily have been used after that year.

Anyway, 1942 can’t be right, because at :35 you see a player wearing No. 47. No one wore that number for the 1942 Cubs.

It could be 1943; if so, we’re looking at Hi Bithorn (No. 35) at :22, Bill Nicholson (No. 43) at :26, Peanuts Lowrey (No. 47) at :35 and Stan Hack (No. 6) conducting infield practice starting at :50. There’s also a No. 46 very briefly in view.

But. Look at the undershirt sleeves on the players. They seem to be all blue, though it’s a bit difficult to tell with the lighting. …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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