Cubs Want David Ross to Have ‘Expanded Role,’ Rival Execs Think He’s Next Manager

Regardless of what they end up doing in terms of player personnel this winter, the Cubs’ primary goal for 2019 is to be more intentional about creating a winning environment. And if that seems strange in light of them racking up 95 victories last season, just think about how you felt as a fan watching them play. Perhaps you’re among the minority who genuinely had fun the whole time, but it was clear to most that the Cubs were much more flat and dull than in years past.

If 2017 was their World Series hangover year, this past season was one in which they just looked washed. And I mean like the way the kids say it these days, not so fresh and so clean, clean like Outkast. Or maybe we mash those definitions up and say the Cubs look like that favorite shirt that has been laundered too many times without using whatever brand-name detergent best prevents colors from fading.

The Cubs were playing like a person on cold medicine, as though their minds were operating a few inches outside their bodies. That disconnect was evident in the failed relationships left in the wake of <a target="_self" href="" target="_blank" …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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