Cubs System Position-by-Position: First Base Lacks Star Power

With Anthony Rizzo entrenched at first base for a while, there’s really been no need to draft or develop a first baseman. Last year, I only listed four of them in the position breakdown: Yasiel Balaguert, Matt Rose, Chris Pieters, and Gustavo Polanco. This year is slightly different.

A lot changed at the position in one year. Matt Rose was traded in the deal for Jose Quintana. Balaguert played a quarter of his season in the outfield, and Pieters was almost exclusively roaming out in the grass. But three other players began to emerge as possible bats at first base in 2017. Like their those who preceded them, these men are not exclusive to first. Although if they keep it up, some soon could be.

1. Yasiel Balaguert

He had a great second half for the second year in a row, hitting .285 with 10 home runs and 40 RBI. However, that also means that he had a poor first half for the second year in a row. If he ever gets hot early, he could be in the majors quickly. Now that he’ll be at Iowa in 2018, the environs of the Pacific Coast League should play to his power game.

2. Joe …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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