Cubs Listed as Good Fit for Several Top Free Free-Agent Starters

When it comes to adding through free agency, there’s more to it than just paying a good player a ton of money. And while there may be cases in which it really is that simple, though most teams would want to do a little due diligence on how that player would fit in the clubhouse and the city in question. But there’s also the matter of how he’ll fit in his new ballpark.

For instance, the Red Sox should be wary of JD Martinez because playing at Fenway wouldn’t fully leverage his righty power stroke. Okay, not the best example, though you no doubt understand how different players’ skills might be better suited to some ballparks than they are others. Take Cole Hamels in Wrigley instead of Globe Life.

Picking up Hamels’ $20 million option sets the Cubs up pretty well as far as the rotation is concerned, and that whole financial pinch going on means big-money starters may be off the table this winter. But that doesn’t mean some of those free agents aren’t good fits at Wrigley, as determined by The Athletic‘s Owen Poindexter. Okay, cool, but why are we bothering with this?

Good question. Mainly because there’s …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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