Cubs historical sleuthing: Pre-MLB franchise shift edition

This one could have been a stumper, but a couple of things made it easy.

One of the most striking things about older photos of Wrigley Field like the one above is how little has changed over the decades.

Sure, there are now video boards standing above bleachers that are 60 percent larger than these. But I’ll bet you could take a photo of Wrigley Field today, or at least in the peak of summer when the ivy is in full bloom, that would cut off some of the new seating and the video boards and it wouldn’t look too much different from this one.

When the scoreboard is in full view in a photo like this, identifying when it was taken is obviously much easier, even when the city names are a bit blurred as they are here. It’s relatively easy to read that the Cubs are playing Philadelphia, and the White Sox are at New York.

What makes it a lot easier to figure out is that none of the franchise moves that happened in the 1950s had occurred at the time of this photo, because you can clearly read “BOSTON” in the National League and “PHILADELPHIA” and “ST. …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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