Cubs historical Heroes and Goats: 2003, Part 1

We take our first look back at 2003 with an overview and games 1-6

Welcome back to Historical Heroes and Goats where I help you pass the offseason by taking a walk down memory lane. Thank all of you who voted and chose 2003 as the year to be covered this time around. I took some notes about possible seasons to look at in the future and certainly at least one or two of those seasons not selected this time around will be options for future years.

I’ll try to bring you stories twice a week through the 2003 season. Just like last year, I’ll look at one homestand or one road trip. So you’ll generally get about six games to look back at. I’ll highlight a player, an event or a game itself. Hopefully, you’ll learn a few things about most of the players on the team and get to relive some of what went into a pretty magical season.

It is easy to look back to the 2003 season, very much like the 1984 season, as a crippling disappointment. The analogy I always use for those great Cub seasons from the past was Lucy moving the football away from …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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