Cubs Expected to Extend Qualifying Offers to Arrieta and Davis, Though Motivation Differs

In the convoluted world of MLB’s collective bargaining agreement, nothing better exemplifies the contractual cat-herding than the qualifying offer system. The deadline for extending these offers is coming up at 5pm ET on Monday, November 6, so I’m fixing to give you the skinny on this somewhat esoteric wrinkle and what it means for the Cubs.

If “esoteric” sounds like a weird way to describe the QO system, consider that only 30 or so players received one over the last two offseasons combined. Distilled to its simplest definition, this is a way for teams to receive draft pick compensation for a free agent who signs elsewhere. They do so by extending a qualifying offer that is worth the mean salary of MLB’s top 125 players, which this season is worth $17.4 million.

Make sense so far? Good, ’cause it’s about to get funky.

A player receiving a QO has to have spent the entire last season on that team’s roster and he cannot have received a QO in the past. Once extended, the player has 10 days to decide whether to accept or decline the offer. If he accepts, he’s under contract; if he declines, he’s a free agent. Ah, but that’s where …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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