Cubs Could Still Make Last-Minute Trades for Pitching

The Cubs have only 16 games remaining in the season, but don’t be surprised if they make a last-minute trade or two in order to help them cross the finish line. These won’t be splashy, but think of it like scraping together the change in your console to put a half-gallon of gas in your car just to coast home.

The rules governing trades are no different now from what they were back in August, except that any player acquired at this point would not be eligible for the playoff roster. With Pedro Strop out for what he says will be two weeks and Brandon Morrow’s availability a week away at best, it makes sense for the Cubs to look at bringing aboard a competent bullpen arm, maybe more.

While they’ve managed to catch lighting in a bottle with late additions like Jesse Chavez and Jorge De La Rosa, it’s unlikely the Cubs would be able to cash in a lottery ticket on any high-leverage types at this point. And given how Joe Maddon likes to give starters the early hook these days, perhaps a repurposed starter would make sense as a long man.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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