Cubs 6, Reds 5

OSS: An Inverted M is an Inverted M.

Three up:

  1. Who else but Javy Baez was involved in the most consequential play of the game (.411 WPA). Baez singled up the middle with runners on the corners in the seventh inning to tie the game at four…then Heyward flashed a bit of Javy on the basepaths and scored from first following a lazy throw in from Hamilton, and Baez moved up all the way to third base. Baez also doubled in the first inning, and was voted in to the ASG as a starter following the game.
  2. Bote McBoteface had the other big Cubs play of the game, a walkoff walk in extra innings. Thanks, Reds bullpen! The Cubs blew a chance to take the lead in the bottom of the ninth, but luckily they/Votto/Stephens came through in the 10th.
  3. Lester continues to do later career Lester things, only striking out two but pitching fairly effectively into the seventh inning. He did give up four runs, but I’m somewhat heartened by the fact that he got through the first three innings in something like 19 pitches.

Three down:

  1. Javy was also involved in the Cubs most negative WPA play of the day, a fielders choice …Read the Rest

    Source:: Obstructed View

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