Cubs 4, Nationals 3

OSS: Cubs get the W, with some bullshit managing to go with some bullshit scheduling.

Three up:

  1. Javy Baez went 3-4 with a RBI double, homer, another walk(!), and a game winning go ahead squeeze in extras. MVP please.
  2. Randy Rosario managed to close out the game, which is not a sentence I ever expected to write. He retired Rendon, Soto, and Zimmerman in order to end the game.
  3. Kris Bryant also had a three hit day, which was nice to see as he still hasn’t seemed himself so far.

Three down:

  1. Joe really out-Joed himself in this one, letting Pedro Strop bat for himself with a one run lead and the bases loaded in the tenth inning. Not only did Strop hit into a double play, but he pulled up lame on the play. No word yet on the severity of the injury but it did not look good.
  2. Seriously, WTF Joe, you had position players on the bench and clearly Strop was not going to pitch the bottom of the inning.
  3. This was probably Joe’s most overmanaged game since the 2016 World Series. The guy is clearly pretty good in the clubhouse and other stuff that managers need to do, but get the fuck out of …Read the Rest

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