Cub Tracks watches it fly

More about Ohtani, MVPs, DNA origami, and other bullets

Cubs are still in. Yay. Is it spring training yet?

Japan v Netherlands - International FriendlyPhoto by Masterpress/Getty Images
Shohei the money!

Is anyone else sick of the Ohtani saga? I wish he’d sign already. This constant speculation is just ridiculous. Giancarlo Stanton too. Quit holding up the gravy train, you guys. The stove isn’t heated enough to keep it warm, it’s getting awfully lumpy, and we’ll need it for the last third of meat loaf during the season.

AFL Grand Final Entertainment Press ConferencePhoto by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images
What does he even mean by that?

The Cubs and Cub Tracks remain in the hunt, though, so I have to pay some attention to the phenomena. But just some. Most of my (baseball) attention is still on the ‘real’ free agent and trade markets, as I try to figure out who’s going where, and why, while playing chicken with the gods of baseball to boot. Some of the usual suspects seem to think similarly. Read all about it — as always …Read the Rest

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