Cub Tracks lumbers up to the plate

Hubbard has two in HIS cupboard, and other bullets

Last time around, Cub Tracks stayed in to complete the play. This time around, a grounder gathers moss. So does my ass, probably, as I’m doing little except write and order in these days. We have same-day grocery delivery here now, and it’s way too easy to take root…

I’ll just leave it at that, and hope it grows on you. I wouldn’t want to go out on a limb… but we have added another branch, as we peer through a knothole at the Hot Stove season. Stay tuned for Outside the Boxcar, coming soon to a blog near you. Not a lot of stuff today, but some meaty bits to chew on.

Today in baseball history:

I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it. -Sandy Koufax

— Baseball Quotes (@BaseballQuotes1) November 3, 2017

  • 1935 – NFL standout Cal Hubbard becomes an American League umpire. The former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle will become the only person to be enshrined at both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • 1940 – …Read the Rest

    Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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