Cub Tracks’ dharma bums

The Cubs’ window, the Chili effect, and other bullets

Still no heads rolling on the road to Wrigley — we have as yet no results from the rounds of meetings that were held among Cubs personnel late last week. Buddha has not yet laid down the dharma, and so there is dramatic pause happening. The articles/interviews, etc., are not exactly numerous — the Cubs aren’t playing, and that isn’t news any more. So I’ll fill a little space with some baseball and ruminations about my favorite beverage.

Last time around, we took a quick peek at the starting offense, based on the players that are currently available, and today I propose to take a little look at the starting rotation as it stands, since some of the beats have begun to do that while snapping their fingers and drinking their espresso…mm, espresso…

— adjusts beret —

Dig that crazy beat. Yeah, man. I love me some espresso. And the bar that Kerouac and some of his pals used to drink at is about a mile away from where I sit. It’s a Mexican food joint now. Great coffee. The spoon stands straight up in that stuff when they …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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