Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates preview, Tuesday 5/29, 6:05 CT

The Cubs go for two in a row over the Pirates.

Joe Maddon had something to say about Monday’s schedule:

“I just think if you’re playing the Sunday night game, which is fine, wonderful, there’s got to be some built-in concessions for Monday,” Maddon said. “There’s got to be a method, a formula written that says the team that plays Sunday night, great. If they play a Monday game, wonderful, but it just can’t start at 1 o’clock.”

I have to agree with Joe. For one thing, it’s not like Pirates fans flocked to PNC Park Monday — the attendance of 19,382 was only about half PNC’s capacity, and a large number of those were Cubs fans. They could have started the game at, say, 4:05 and still had a decent-size crowd. Also, per Ed Hartig, this was the first time the Cubs had to do this (home night game, road afternoon game the next day) since July 4-5, 2004. A home night game vs. the White Sox was followed by an afternoon game in Milwaukee — a bit different, since that’s only a bus ride and in the same time zone.

Moving on! Today’s notes:

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