Chicago Cubs Lineup: Javy Leads Off, Bote Third, Rizzo Cleans Up, Lester Looks to Rebound

Javy Baez is leading off at second, Jason Heyward is in right, David Bote bats and plays third, and Anthony Rizzo cleans up. Not a bad top half, all things considered. Ian Happ gets the start in left, Albert Almora Jr. is in center, Willson Contreras is behind the plate, and Addison Russell is at short batting ninth.

That pair sandwiching the pitcher at the bottom of the order has not been great over the last couple weeks, but something tells me they’re due to break out. Even so, I’m not really counting on much tonight.

There’s this great dive restaurant in Pittsburgh called Big Jim’s in β€œThe Run,” not a place you’d normally think of when looking for an amazing meal. They’ve got a veal cutlet ala parmigiana that’s as big as your head, no joke. And they also serve up some huge meatballs, which is where I bring this all back around to Jon Lester.

The lefty has been catching way too much of the plate with his fastball, and his curve isn’t being located well at all lately. We lauded him early in the season for being comfortable pitching to contact, but that also leaves less room …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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