Can the Cubs Win a World Series with Albert Almora in Center?

Admittedly, the question of whether Albert Almora can be the center piece — if not necessarily the centerpiece — in a Cubs World Series puzzle is fraught with all sorts of peril. So interdependent are the various moving parts that to change one is to fundamentally alter the others. A butterfly flaps its wing in China and we get a time-travel movie starring Ashton Kutcher and that guy from My Name is Earl. As such, it’s going to be necessary to strip a lot of the variables away in order to work with a more simplified control group.

Actually, the control group is easy because it’s just Almora. For the purpose of this exercise, we’re going to assume Dexter Fowler actually does leave the Cubs at the conclusion of this season and that Almora is promoted to take over the everyday CF role. We’re also going to have to project a stat line for Almora, so you might want to get the kosher salt ready. I’m going to be conservative and go with a slash line of .260/.300/.375, though there’s potential for that to improve.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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