Book review: ‘Power Ball’

It’s not about the lottery. It’s about baseball and its future.

Rob Neyer’s new book ‘Power Ball’ is about a single baseball game, played between the Athletics and Astros at Oakland on September 8, 2017. Inning by inning, Rob chronicles what happened in the game in detail, all the way up to… well, I won’t spoil the ending.

Except that’s not what this book is about at all. When situations come up in each inning, they spur a tangent that’s about how baseball is played, coached, managed and run in the latter part of the second decade of the 21st Century. From the height of players (an idea spurred by the presence in this game of the five-foot-six Jose Altuve) and how those players did and how that fits into the modern game, to the massive amount of shifting in today’s baseball, to the way front offices are constructed, to the way Statcast has influenced how both roster construction and game play happen today, to bat flips and bat manufacturing, to roster construction, to the use of starting pitching and bullpens, to how African-Americans have declined in numbers in MLB while the number of players from the …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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