BCB interview: ADA Accessibility at Wrigley

BCB’s Danny Rockett interviewed a friend who is quite familiar with ADA accessibility issues at Wrigley Field.

I have an old friend, let’s just call him “Mr. C,” who is all too familiar with the accessibility issues at Wrigley Field for people who are disabled. Since the before the rebuild began, he has been vocal with the Cubs about the problems with current and past solutions to allow fans in wheelchairs or with other accessibility needs to enjoy a game at Wrigley.

Some issues have been addressed, but for other problems, the Cubs have a long way to go to attain parity with many of the other major league ballparks. Of course, that’s probably because the Cubs ballpark is over 100 years old, but as you’ll hear in my interview with “Mr. C”, the Cubs could do a better job during this current phase of construction to enhance the disabled fans experience.

Al wrote on this recently, with testimonials from others in the know on this topic, who basically echo my friend’s displeasure. It’s all come up again because of a lawsuit filed against the Cubs and I immediately thought of my friend “Mr. C.”

He asked me to …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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