Bad Baseball Takes: Is Clayton Kershaw not an ace?

What makes a pitcher truly great?

Everyone’s got an opinion, so the saying goes. And while everyone is entitled to those opinions, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right. Or even remotely in the vicinity of logic and fact. With Twitter, we are given an opportunity to see some of the most bizarre and wildly head-scratch-worthy baseball takes.

This offseason, I’ll be regularly picking apart some of the best (or worst?) of these egregious takes.

Let’s get started.

Wade Miley is going to start 3 games in this series and Clayton Kershaw will only start 2, who’s the real Ace.

— Jaymes L (@JaymesL) October 17, 2018

Now, I am fairly certain Jaymes does not actually believe Wade Miley is actually a better pitcher than Clayton Kershaw, but let’s dive into this statement a little.

There is no definition of what makes a pitcher the “ace.” A team can have a full five-man pitching rotation and not have an ace. And sometimes an ace will surprise you by emerging out of nowhere (we see you, Blake Snell). Aces can fall from grace, they can be a flash in the pan, but the truest aces are recognized by their consistency …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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