Another Look at How the Cubs Can Best Distribute Playing Time to Their Stars

Much has been made this offseason about how the Cubs should handle their glut of positional depth. Some believe Jorge Soler or Kyle Schwarber should be traded. Others believe Starlin Castro or Javier Baez should be traded. Some think it should be a combination of the two of those. Pundits like Keith Law have gone as far as to say, “Castro and Baez can’t both be on this roster in 2016.”

The focus of this article will not only be to tell you that the Cubs can keep all of their young positional players, but to go in depth on how they can fit on the same roster. I will not be addressing the fact that the Cubs could deal from their depth to acquire pitching. I simply want to show you how all the current guys they have can coexist.

I’m going to be working off of a couple of (maybe slightly flawed) assumptions here, but it’s really damn hard to predict plate appearances of each individual player on a 25 man roster, so deal with it.

  1. Each position will receive 650 plate appearances. I know that this varies by position in the batting order and how many bench guys the team …Read the Rest

    Source:: Cubs Insider

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