Another Day, Another Cubs Prospect List, Another Name at the Top

I was all set to begin uploading my Sunday column on my own website Saturday night when I thought I would jump onto Twitter to see if there was a trade or signing. I should have known better. Not 15 minutes later, I finished reading John Sickels’ ranking of Cubs prospects and realized I would have to write a whole new column. Damn you, John Sickels!

To begin, Sickels’ list has a different top prospect than other recent publications and his overall rankings are quite different from those put out by Fangraphs and Baseball America. Not surprisingly, Sickels did not give out one A grade to any Cubs prospects. In fact, he only handed out just six B’s. That’s quite an indictment of the Cubs’ system, though only three of his top 10 prospects began their season above high-A ball last year.

Pitcher Adbert Alzolay is fittingly ranked number one after finding himself as second fiddle in the earlier lists. The top prospect for both Baseball America and Fangraphs, shortstop Aramis Ademan, came in at No. 2 and 2017 draft pick Alex Lange was listed third.

Lange’s appearance so high on the list likely …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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