All About the D: According to FanGraphs, Cubs Have the Best Defense in Baseball

The topic of this post should really come as no surprise, what with the Cubs already being accepted as the greatest assemblage of talent in the history of forever. The legendary status of this team, however, tends to be driven mostly by how their offensive prowess causes jaws to drop and tongues to wag. Oddly enough, Kris Bryant’s eyes have that same effect. Addison Russell’s too. And each time Anthony Rizzo drops to one knee to blast another home run, fans can’t help but swoon as they say, “Yes!”

But a funny thing happened on the way to building a juggernaut: the Cubs actually put together a team that can stop runs as well as it scores them. Mind. Blown. Okay, not really. We all — at least those of us who understand that batting average and RBI are not the true measure of a man — knew that Jason Heyward was signed as much for his glove as his bat. And Russell taking over full-time at short was sure to yield results. Even Kris Bryant, whose defense at third was given short shrift prior to last season, has acquitted himself quite well at the hot corner.

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Source:: Cubs Insider

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