Addison Russell maybe fixed it

Starting pitching woes aside, this year has been extremely fun for Cubs fans. Something interesting – sort the Cubs in descending order of plate appearances on the year, and you have to get to the 11th player on the list (Tommy the Stella, 83) before you find one that is not above the league average in wRC+. Put another way, the Cubs (when at full health) will always have at least a league-average bat coming off the bench in a baseball game. At pretty much the exact half-way mark of the season, the Cubs already have 6 starters at 2 fWAR.

The 6th in that list is a shortstop by the name of Addison Russell, who is doing his best to erase the bad taste 2017 left in everybody’s mouth. First things first – I’m always going to have his personal issues in my head when thinking about Addison, which doesn’t allow me to see completely straight. That said, I obviously don’t have all the information, and I’m probably never going to have more information that I do now, so it’s not fruitful to think about it. Instead, let’s focus on the abysmal year Russell had at the plate in 2017. …Read the Rest

Source:: Obstructed View

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