Addison Russell: A Love Story

When the Cubs traded Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel for Addison Russell (plus some other goodies!), I started getting pretty excited for the 2017 Cubs. They had just drafted Kris Bryant, Albert Almora seemed like a surefire average CF, and the farm system as a whole looked ready to provide a steady stream of value.

It’s a year early, and they are already here.

Many of the accolades fall on Kris Bryant, and rightfully so. In his first year in the majors, Bryant hit a Herculean .275/.369/.488, with 26 HR for good measure. In addition, he played a passable 3B (though I’m still wary of his long-term prognosis there with his penchant for leading Rizzo down the first base line) and a pretty good outfield. Still more of the accolades fell to Anthony Rizzo, a true candidate for MVP last year and likely many years afterwards. .278/.387(!)/.512 with 31 jacks will get you noticed by just about anybody. Kyle Schwarber was almost as impressive, with a .246/.355/.487 line and 16 homers in just 243 plate appearances (and a few balls that now orbit the Earth as satellites).

What’s crazy is that I plan on making the case that Addison Russell will …Read the Rest

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