A Schwarbeast, the Slidepiece, and Brandon Phillips Not Offended in the Least: Superheroes and Celebrations Highlight Cubs W

Maybe Kyle Schwarber really is a super hero.

If you’ve seen The Avengers, you’ll no doubt remember the climactic scene in which the ragged group of Hulk-less heroes stands bloodied and beaten in the middle of a war-torn New York City. The alien menace they thought they’d worn down has come back with a vengeance, complete with giant, flying snake-things, and there doesn’t appear to be much hope for Captain America and Co. Enter Bruce Banner on an old motorcycle.

Banner calmly walks toward his friends as they assess the situation before them. All the while, this armored airborne alien is gliding down the avenue toward the Avengers, who seem ill-prepared to do anything about it. Banner turns in the direction of the huge beast as Captain America advises, “Dr. Banner, now might be a good time for you to get angry.”

“That’s my secret, Cap,” the mild-mannered scientist explains. “I’m always angry.”

I can just imagine the same thing happening in the Cubs dugout Tuesday night. Their team — still reeling a bit from a 2-5 stretch that included a Monday mauling at the hands of the hapless Reds — had just tied the game in the 6th, …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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