A look at every MLB team’s postseason hashtag

The good, the boring and the teams that need an editor.

Since the Cubs are no longer in the postseason (and yes, it still stings every time I write that) I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter getting to know other fanbases as I follow the games. It’s been fun. It’s sort of like our comments section with less moderation and a lot more trolling. One of the more amusing elements for me has been learning about the teams through their postseason hashtags. So this post is devoted to the best hashtags for the postseason and my highly unscientific reasons for liking them.

Let’s start with the original bracket:
The original hashtag brackets

Tied 7 – #EverybodyIn, #PinstripePride, #NeverSettle, #RallyTogether

I’m sorry Cubs, normally I’m all in for you to win all the things, but I just can’t do it here. That isn’t even an updated hashtag. They just took the hashtag from the regular season and kept using it. It’s particularly disappointing for me because I think the Cubs social media game is usually so on point, but being a team without an updated postseason hashtag was sort …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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