A few thoughts on the Cole Hamels and Drew Smyly deals and the 40-man roster

Here’s how this all adds up for the 2019 Cubs.

The Cubs picked up Cole Hamels‘ $20 million contract option for 2019 and traded Drew Smyly to the Rangers, along with a player to be named later, for a player to be named later.

Besides the PTBNL for PTBNL oddity of this deal, which likely won’t be decided until at least after the Rule 5 draft and maybe not till spring training, here’s how all the various parts of the money and players added up for these transactions, since Smyly never threw a pitch for the Cubs despite being paid $3 million for 2018 (and a $5 million 2018 luxury tax hit, on which the books are closed at this point).

The Cubs paid $5 million of Hamels’ money for 2018. So they were out about $8 million for Hamels and Smyly combined for 2018, even though Smyly didn’t play a single game in blue pinstripes. I think you’d agree that Hamels alone was worth $8 million for his performance in 2018.

So in our attribution for this entire sequence of transactions, let’s attribute all this money to Hamels. The $8 million for 2018, as shown above, and the …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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