A few thoughts about MLB expansion, realignment and scheduling

It’s gonna happen. Eventually. So let’s look at the possibilities.

I’ve been meaning to write on this topic for quite some time and never quite got around to it.

The impetus to finally “get around to it” on MLB expansion, realignment and scheduling came from this Jayson Stark article at The Athletic, posted Wednesday. I realize The Athletic is paywalled — and really, you should subscribe, it’s well worth the $5 a month if you can afford it — so I’ll be summarizing Stark’s article and quoting from it as I go along. Stark talked to a number of “insiders” who say some form of all three of these things is coming, and Commissioner Rob Manfred has gone on record as saying that expansion, for one, would solve a lot of scheduling issues, because it’s easier to schedule 16-team leagues than 15-team leagues.

My personal feeling is that none of this is going to happen soon, with the possible exception of a schedule adjustment. That’s because Manfred has gone on record as saying he wants the stadium situations for the Athletics and Rays to be solved first. In both Oakland and Tampa Bay, tentative steps have been …Read the Rest

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