A few more Cubs notes from the 2018 Bill James Handbook

You can find all sorts of things by delving into this book.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought you the projections made for Cubs hitters for 2018 in the Bill James Handbook.

That’s not all you can find in the James handbook, though. In addition to projections and a very long essay (James called it “the longest article in the thirty-year history of this book”) about the Hall of Fame, the handbook contains the complete major-league career record of every active player in 2017, as well as essays and leaderboards on all sorts of topics.

It’s those other leaderboards that caught my eye over the weekend, and so I thought I’d bring some of those details to you. Some of them are things the Cubs are going to have to work on to improve in 2018.

Throwing things away

Among the top eight players in the National League in 2017 in throwing errors are four Cubs: Willson Contreras (10), Addison Russell (10), Kris Bryant (9) and Javier Baez (8).

Now, I know what you’re going to say: Errors are not generally a good way to rate fielders, and you’d be right about that. Plus, we all know how …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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