6 Not-So-Obvious Pitchers in Cubs System to Watch Next Year

Considering the sheer volume of pitchers the Cubs selected in the 2016 and ’17 drafts, pitching should be the strength of the organization. And it is, that just hasn’t materialized at the major-league level yet. Most of the arms taken in those two drafts will be at Myrtle Beach, Tennessee, and Iowa in 2019.

They include Duncan Robinson, Michael Rucker, Alex Lange, Keegan Thompson, Cory Abbott, Erich Uelmen, and Matt Swarmer, to name just a few. The 2018 season also saw the emergence of lefty power pitcher Brailyn Marquez at Eugene and South Bend, as well as Tyson Miller hitting 94-95 regularly over 127 innings at Myrtle Beach.

But those are names you’re going to see in the top prospect lists, so they’re a little too obvious. Just like the hitters we reviewed the other day, sometimes it’s more fun to look at some guys who are flying just below the radar. So who are some up-and-coming starting arms to watch for in the Cubs system this coming season?

1. Riley Thompson

When people ask me why I like the 11th round pick out of Louisville from last year‘s draft, I say, “What’s not to like about a 95 mph heater, developing offspeed pitches, …Read the Rest

Source:: Cubs Insider

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