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At 18:00 tonight, in the 13th round of the Dalian Division of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande and Jiangsu Suning started a "second match" at Dalian Jinzhou Stadium. With the goals of Teixeira and Edel, Suning defeated his old rival Evergrande and gave the eight-time winner of the Vulcan Cup the second league defeat this season.


Even though He Chao tied the score for Guangzhou Evergrande in the second half of the campaign, Suning, who has a stronger desire to survive, still firmly held the 2-1 score to the end.


The venue of this game was invaded by the heavy rain in Dalian, and the venue was soaked in a large area. The water on the lawn caused splashes of water during the confrontation between the two teams. The football field was temporarily made into a "water polo" field.


Back in this game, there were changes and no changes in the staffing.


But from the perspective of the first half, Evergrande did so well. Because Suning wants to hold on to the championship, from the perspective of Suning players' own fighting spirit, Suning also regards this as a final game. The strong offensive heart of winning the game stimulates Suning to continue to attack and stop at halftime. , Suning scored 10 attacks and hit the target 3 times, while Guangzhou Evergrande had only one shot but it was still "missing".

但从上半年的角度来看,恒大表现出色。由于苏宁希望保持冠军,从苏宁球员自身的战斗精神来看,苏宁也将其视为最终比赛。赢得比赛的强大进攻心促使苏宁继续进攻并在半场休息。 ,苏宁取得10次进攻并3次击中目标,而广州恒大只有1杆,但仍然“失手”。

In the first half, Evergrande’s offense was basically messy, and there were few opportunities to effectively score into the opponent's hinterland, but to be honest, the players were really tired. Think about Mei Fang and Yang Liyu, who ended up due to injury. They also lost the two main players in a situation where they couldn’t attack for a long time. Whether they admit it or not, this will definitely disrupt the scheduled replacement of Ca Shuai before the game. The adjustment of the backcourt and midfield is either the long-lost "magic oil" Zhong Yihao and Perman Jiang.

在上半年,恒大的进攻基本上是混乱的,几乎没有机会有效得分进入对手的腹地,但是说实话,球员们yobo体育官网登录网页入口真的很累。想想梅芳和杨丽玉,他们因受伤而死亡。在长时间无法进攻的情况下,他们也失去了两名主要球员。无论他们是否承认,这肯定会中断赛前预定的Ca Shuai更换。后场和中场的调整是失散已久的“魔术油”钟一豪和Perman Jiang。

But Paulinho, the "iron lung", was not allowed to rest even for a minute. To be honest in this game, as far as the author is concerned, Cannavaro's score can only be passed.


Evergrande never got the equalizer goal, and this game was also interesting. For the first time in the league this season, Evergrande defeated Suning 2-1. When they met again, Evergrande returned the same score to the opponent.


It is true that some of the main players are absent. Evergrande’s quality on both sides of the offense and defense has declined, but Suning’s ability to penetrate the defense line so easily also shows that Evergrande’s formation before the game is seldom supported. Since it is not here to "repay favor", the most At least it should be a reliable defender, so that after Mei Fang pulled in, it was replaced by Fernando on the offensive end. If Jiang Guangtai was replaced at that time, there would be at least a high-altitude interception on the back line. Share some defensive pressure for Park Ji-soo. In the end, Paulinho was taken care of again, which was another unnecessary consumption. As the saying goes, if you can't keep up with one step, Evergrande won't let the core cadres and heart be completely discouraged.


Everything is two-sided, and substitutions are open to discussion, but Cannavaro has also opened his unique "calf protection" mode, at least not allowing players to encounter "non-accidental" suspensions.


Compared with the anger of Suning’s coaching staff and Evergrande players, Cannavaro pushed his disciples out of the field, ignoring the encirclement of his opponents. Cannavaro knew that he could not let his players be like that. Always driven by emotions. It's really unnecessary to walk around after eating the fearless card.


From losing to Luneng to losing to Suning, the game is not impossible to lose, but where should the baton in Kashuai's hand point?