2019 MLB Draft Prep: The upcoming class, Part 1

It might be early, but let’s turn our attention for a while to next year’s draft, which might be very college-heavy.

Why in the world would I be writing a draft prep piece in October? After all, the draft isn’t until June, which is like three million years from now. Well after the free agency season, which is going to get far more play than the June draft. Effectively, I’m starting this now, because you’d probably learn quite a bit more from an article on a topic you’re less familiar with, than a subject you’re already quite aware of.

The 2019 draft is going to be an absolute stash of college bats. This is the second podcast I’ve heard on the June selection process. In the process of prepping for the draft, I began to remember that this is an angle of the sport I enjoy more than most people do. While most baseball people like the “event” angle of baseball, I like that the game progresses whether I’m there or not. I learn when I hear knowledgeable people talking about baseball players I know little about, and the podcast clarified options for upcoming tracking.

During the minor league season, I’m …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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