2019 MLB Draft Prep: Pitching basics and TCU

Nick Lodolo is a pitcher to watch from the TCU program that produced Jake Arrieta.

When college pitching is the topic, reasonable expectations become an important topic rather early on. Sometimes, trying to be helpful, fans are interested in adding “an ace”. However, “an ace” is rarely available for very long. Usually, what is available are “plenty of pitchers from coast to coast”. None are guaranteed to be an ace.

Realistically, three dimensions are in play. None are what I would consider “linear”. For instance, at some point, running through the video-gathering process, you might see a particularly jaw-dropping breaking ball from a college pitcher. You nod, “If that’s what he’ll bring every day, I’m interested.”

He won’t bring that every day. Particularly if he’s going to slip to the 27th choice in the first round. As inconsistent as you might consider some MLB starters, they are usually far more consistent than college arms. Consistency is developed through the minor league system. At each level, it needs to be honed, as the hitters keep getting better.

I noted three dimensions are in play. One is obviously velocity. Stating what should be obvious, pitchers don’t traditionally throw their fastball at the same velocity each …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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