2019 MLB Draft Prep: Old school Ole Miss

There’s a familiar name associated with this college baseball program.

As this experiment continues, my vision is likely a bit different than yours. Similarly, my end-point goal is likely different. Many of you wish to “audit the class,” and pull information for your use, without contributing anything to the project. Such is life, on-line. For all I know or care, some of you that are especially motivated (yet surreptitious) might hijack the discussion points, and tell people who the Cubs might select at 27, without credit. Be you. Before I run on more with my tinfoil hat theories, it will eventually make sense that this is about the 2019 Ole Miss baseball team.

For a stretch of years, I was very interested in moving south. South, where the weather is warmer, and baseball is more easily viewed in person. Long story shortened as with a guillotine blade, I’m still in northern Illinois, and that isn’t likely to change. Knoxville, Louisville, the Carolinas, Florida, and Texas were all options. Alas, no.

When making a decision on where to choose to relocate, many factors play in. School situations, employment availability. weather, and civic environment all play in. It’s understandable why. However, with this …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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