2019 MLB Draft Prep: College schedules as a scouting mechanism

And, some thoughts about Logan Davidson of the Clemson Tigers.

As my look at college baseball progresses, I’m going to link schedules to the draft rather early. Without a somewhat cohesive meshing, these articles could resemble a smattering of random montage of loosely knit pieces that don’t belong in a MLB team blog. An awareness of schedules breeds an understanding of the importance of college baseball in the MLB panorama.

College teams are allowed to schedule 56 games in a season. As with many other collegiate sports, the season is divided into three parts. The pre-conference portion, the conference season, and the postseason. For some, the latter portion is a major component. Others, less so.

Being in a conference with an automatic bid is a big enough asset that few teams want to be independents. Conference games are almost always “on the weekend,” which normally is Friday through Sunday. Conference games lost to weather aren’t normally made up. As such, teams will adjust weekend game times to get them played.

Conference tournament seedings are based on winning percentages. Games not played are disregarded. Not all teams will necessarily make their tournament. The later season conference tilts take on added importance if teams …Read the Rest

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