2019 MLB Draft Prep: Cheer local for the Fighting Illini

Second baseman Michael Massey is one of the top players on a top area college team.

A tenet of social activism is to “Think Global/Act Local”. The premise is that concerns are often similar in different regions. However, if you find a specific organization in your neighborhood serving others, you can keep a closer eye on the specifics, and interface with local activism and recipients. This isn’t an article about civics, though, but baseball. For a great many people, regionalism is important in deciding which team to follow. In case that applies for you, I’ll spend a few articles noting local baseball programs: at least, if you live in the Chicago/Illinois range.

My choice for the best baseball squad in the state for 2019 will be the Fighting Illini from Champaign/Urbana. A number of other squads will jockey for the spot as well, but Illinois seems a bit better than the rest. As such, they’ll fly first in the “Cheer Local” section.

Last season, Illinois’ Bren Spillane was on beast mode most of the season. His slugging average of .903 was as absurd as it looks. He parlayed it into a third-round selection (Twins), and was one of five Illini drafted …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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