2018 MLB Draft Prep: The case for first base

Should the Cubs select a first baseman in the first round this year?

I was going somewhere else, but I think this works better. And that can save. Right now, the draft world seems outwardly in a holding pattern. No teams are tipping who they plan to select, yet. The weather is getting almost baseball-like in the north. And, mock drafts still aren’t very regular or reliable. As such, now seems to be the right time to make a case for a first baseman for the Cubs in 2018.

Darren Pritchett, who is announcing his fourth year for South Bend in the Midwest League, noted recently that the Cubs have yet to have a traditional first baseman in any of the years with their affiliation with South Bend.

Perhaps, the first baseman will be a catcher. Or a corner infielder. However, in none of the years have the Cubs had a specified first baseman on the roster. Despite routinely having three catchers.

This isn’t an accident. The Cubs brass figures that, by drafting a first baseman, they short-circuit the unstated goal of versatility.

While some first basemen can play other spots (Bill Buckner was an outfielder. Cody Bellinger can play all three …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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