2018 Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 86

An improbable comeback leads to 8-7 win

Dateline 2025: This historian looks back at the moment that changed a franchise. It was July 7, 2018. The Cubs had risen like a phoenix from the ashes after Theo Epstein was hired by the Cubs. Oh, it took a while to put the team together and there was some pain and suffering while it was being developed. But that team won a World Series and competed in three straight National League Championship series. The core of that team also had a few good years after “the Event.” But “the Event” was all that group of people would be remembered for, trumping even that championship that ended 108 years of futility (since surpassed by football’s Cleveland Browns who amazingly still haven’t put even a single team on the field with a winning record).

Yes, the Cubs current second painful period of losing can all be traced back to that day in July. You see on that day, Tom Ricketts started listening to Cubs Twitter during the sixth inning of a game. The collective negativity was just too much for Tom to bear after all of the work he’d done to give …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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