2018 Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 146

Javy does it again in 4-3 Cubs win

Despite getting a chance to travel this week and thus listen to the ESPN call of the Wednesday night’s game against the Brewers, I’ve feared that Javier Baez‘ tenuous grasp on the MVP was slipping. Assuming most of you didn’t get that broadcast, I’ll sum that the consensus among that crew was that Javy was the favorite to win the award. To be sure, they talked about their being at least eight hitters with a case to win and suggested that all three of the Cy Young candidates should at least be discussed. Rick Sutcliffe as a former Cy Young was quick to dismiss a pitcher winning the MVP.

The announcers liked that Javy plays plus defense at three of the most difficult positions on the diamond. They talked about his base running skills. They didn’t talk a lot about his actually prodigious offensive numbers. I will continue to believe that it is the blend of all three of those that makes him the MVP. Alas, with a cold September and the Brewers closing on the Cubs, it would create a lot of space to create narratives for some …Read the Rest

Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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