2018 Cubs Heroes and Goats: Final Standings

Pedro Strop wins the Superhero of the Year Award!

Heroes and Goats does not do drama. So I lead off by telling you that Pedro Strop was the Superhero of the Year Award. If you are not familiar, former Bleed Cubbie Blue writer Russ La Croix started a feature in 2014 wherein he would look at the top three performers and bottom three performers by WPA. These came to be known as the Superhero, the Hero, and the Sidekick on the positive side. The Billy Goat, the Goat and the Kid on the negative side. Russ was less prone to fanfare than I am, so he didn’t call it the Superhero of the Year award, but he did track the full season standings for the 2014-2016 seasons. With a little help from interbret in 2017, I kept this going and then joined the staff officially for the 2018 season.

Here then are the five Superhero of the Year awards and their final point totals:

  • 2014Anthony Rizzo 47.5
  • 2015 – Anthony Rizzo 65.5
  • 2016 – Jon Lester 51.5
  • 2017 – Anthony Rizzo 38
  • 2018 – Pedro Strop 22

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Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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