2017 Cubs victories revisited, October 6: Cubs 3, Nationals 0

The Cubs took the first game of their division series.

Without home field, the Cubs would have to win at least one game on the road to take the division series against the Nats, and they did so with a shutout in Game 1.

In 2017, baseball teams search primarily for one thing when evaluating young pitchers for the draft or for signing: velocity. If you can’t throw 95+, you’re likely not even going to get a second look.

That’s what makes Kyle Hendricks even more enjoyable to watch. He’s a throwback to an earlier era, when pitchers didn’t have to overpower hitters, but instead got them out with location, movement, breaking pitches and intelligence that creates a game plan on how to attack each opposing batter.

Everyone here, I think, knows how big a Kyle Hendricks fan I am, and have been since even before he landed on the Cubs‘ major-league roster in the summer of 2014. Watching him carve up opponents and getting some of the best power hitters in baseball to tap little ground balls to second base is a joy, something we rarely see in modern baseball.

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Source:: Bleed Cubbie Blue

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